I was fortunate to start giggin’ keyboards at a time when everybody was giving away their analog and electromechanical equipment in favor of streamlined digital gear. I immediately fell in love with these old orphaned keyboards and proudly hauled 500lbs of gear around to gigs “back in the day.”

To play behind iconic keyboards such as the Hammond B3 Organ, Wulitzer Electric Piano, Fender Rhodes, Vox Continental, demands a great deal of respect in terms of care, maintenance, and effort, but it reaps deep rewards in terms of tone, stage vibe and player confidence.

Today, I use a computer and midi controllers to sculpt my stage sound. The computer allows me to do things that I could not even dream of doing with physical boards and two hands 15 years ago and the sounds are pretty amazing as well. Today, with the power of laptop, the sky is the limit.

The Problem

Today’s competitive midi controller market forces manufactures to design for a variety of audiences including DJ’s, producers, hobbyists, and stage performers. In order to stay competitive, modern day manufactures are limited to using materials that are well suited for mass production and offer no customization options. Modern day midi controllers are amazingly well designed and developed instruments, yet for the aficionado who is looking for an instrument that can be highly personalized, there are no options on the market. The guitar market thrives off limited edition and custom options, but in the keyboard world, there are no alternatives.

So…. I made my self a fancy case for my keyboard rig. It turns heads every stage I play and was a fun project to work on.

If you are interested in a similar case for your rig, contact me via the booking link in nav menu, or leave a comment, to discuss design and fabrication options.